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a sample of the testimonials collected in the last 20 years


"You made the whole project so easygoing, and I never felt like I was under any pressure. Even though it took me a bit to fully understand everything, you were always there for me with your support, and I can't thank you enough. Your explanations of the assignments were super helpful. I always love the videos you make to explain the task; they are a useful reference for me during the project. Thank you so much for everything, and I look forward to working again with you in the future."



"One of the Best Experiences during my studies in UDEM was meeting you and learning so much from you. Thank you!"


"Dr. Zampollo, I just finished listening to you in your Why Design Thinking online course and I must say this is an excellent presentation of what and how we are supposed to do. BRAVO, MADAME!! And MERCI BEAUCOUP for publicly and generously sharing! I wish I had have this kind of presentation in my beginners class, when I started my training in design some... 50 years ago!"

"This workshop not only opened minds about what food design can do but also helped me improve my creative thinking with its techniques and tools that improve the connection of isolated ideas. I also loved working in teams."


"It was a very useful Workshop. It made me think about the cohesiveness between the message & and the language beyond the plate in the F & B outlets I consult for. It helped me to point out why I was lost working on a certain project and gave me creative techniques to overcome this problem."


"The workshop was very interesting in terms of contents and dynamics. I loved the way we got triggered to interpret other participants' images with our "base question", and how it increased the reflection."



"I really loved, loved your philosophy and the way you think and approach Food Design Thinking, with all the sustainability axis but the most significant for me, the spiritual one. From what I have seen before, your approach is extremely different in the truest way. What moved me most is the simplicity of your words and the humility with which you approached the subject, but with a deep knowledge of the subject too, which honestly penetrates people like me, who appreciate the invisible, the significant, the inner truth of people, brands, and projects. Many food designers have had a fashion and trends perspective that unfortunately does not take into account certain concepts such as those you have mentioned. Your presentation was an example of how to analyze, conceptualize and advise in a field where there is so much to do."


“Francesca’s approach to design from the standpoint of Spiritual Sustainability encourages the designer to think critically about their product and the impact it will have in the market. As we fight the environmental crisis and for social equity, organizations and individuals are increasingly aligning their values to their everyday consumption habits and Francesca was able to be a flexible, open guide in the evolving design process. Thank you.”



"I was blessed enough to scour the internet and find you Dr. Zampollo. The only reason I'm aware of food design is because of you and there were no institutions in South Africa that accommodated the discipline. I'd like to thank you for your efforts in indirectly changing my life."



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