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Food & Design - A Documentary

Updated: Mar 5

Some magical movements of the planet's energy happened, questions asked, people meeting and speaking of one another, and somehow... I ended up being featured in a documentary! What a humbling experience.

Enjoy the trailer here from min 0:25

Director: Mu-Ming Tsai

Producer: Iris Lai

Experts Interviewed:

Francesca Zampollo: Food Design Researcher

Marije Vogelzang: Eating Designer

Martí Guixé: Food Designer

Sam Bompas: Co-founder of Bompas & Parr

André Chiang: Michelin Starred Chef

Amber Chan: CEO of UOVO Food Design Studio

Slow Chen: Founder of Slow Food Design

Some achievements:

When Iris Lai, producer of the documentary, first emailed me I was immediately immensely excited and grateful for the opportunity. I am also very grateful to Amber Chan for bringing my name and work to Iris' attention. Amber and I have known each other for a few years, I have featured her work on @fooddesign_voices and subsequently on Food Design Voices 2022, and have in general kept in touch. She is a brilliant food designer who has embraced my approach and is now pioneering this discipline in Taiwan.

When the day of the interview arrived I felt simply happy and humbled by the whole experience. I spent the whole day with the film crew. We recorded the almost 2 hours interview, we had pasta together, and we went around town to get some supporting shots. That was a bit weird to me, to be filmed while I ate gelato, or I pretended to talk about something, or I walked around trying to look pensive... If you watch closely I think you can see that I'm not completely comfortable 😅. I'm definitely not used to having a cameraman following me around in a public space! 😂 I laughed a lot... we all did. But ultimately, I had lots of fun, and I enjoyed of course the possibility of talking about my work and sharing my thoughts.

When I was finally sent a preview of the documentary, I was beyond myself. To see my words intertwined with those of my own Food Design heroes, of the people whose work I have been following since the beginning, was wonderful and again, humbling.

I loved this documentary. I found it simple and gentle... The sounds, the colors, and the images chosen create a warm atmosphere that makes the topic itself welcoming. Which is exactly what Food Design is to me: Food Design is welcoming. Food Design is inclusive, international, and open hearted in how it embraces all creative approaches, backgrounds, and connected disciplines. Food Design is powerful but gentle in how it can change the world.

If I'm not mistaken this is the first documentary filmed on Food Design, and like for every first in this discipline, there is excitement in me and a renewed sense of wonder for what else will be created next.

My interview lasted almost 2 hours, but of course only a portion made it into the documentary. If you are interested in hearing all the answers I gave, here are the topics I talked about and below all the full answers from that interview.

  1. How I started my journey into Food Design

  2. Food Design teaching and learning

  3. A definition of Food Design

  4. Who are food designers?

  5. What is Food Design Thinking?

  6. Using Food Design Thinking

  7. Being stuck

  8. What is Spiritual Sustainability?

  9. Why pizza... :)


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