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As part of my ever-present interest in learning about people's vision on Food Design, creativity, the food industry, food sustainability, as well as collecting their own personal stories and definitions of this discipline, I started this project in 2021.


Every year I ask participants different questions about Food Design and their role in it, making this project a collection of unique stories and insights. 

All features are published on Instagram and Linkedin, and a selection of the features is published in a yearly book. 

Food Design Voices is an ongoing project and you can nominate someone you wish to be featured. 

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Want to be featured? 
Here's what to submit:

  1. your Full Name as you'd like to see it published

  2. your IG @handle/s and Linkedin link

  3. your job title or affiliation and country where you are based

  4. your answer to ALL these questions:
    a) What can Food Design do?
    b) What makes a food designer?
    c) What is Food Design today?
    d) What do you bring to the Food Design discipline that nobody else does?
    e) Who or what inspires your work?
    f) What would you like to be remembered for?

  5. the IG @handle of someone you nominate to be featured in this project

  6. one high-definition profile photo

  7. 3 to 5 high-definition photos of your work. Photos should be clearly named from 1 to 5. (see point 9 below).


Since this project aims at featuring people, rather than brands, answers to questions a), b) and c) should not be self-promotional (about your work or brand), but they should explain your personal perspective and point of view.


Important: please know that Francesca will be selecting your answers to comply with IG character limits. If your profile will be selected for the book, your answers might be selected in case of layout constraints. You will be sent the text before publication, for your final approval.


In addition, we need the following which will be used for the Food Design Voices 2023 book, should your profile be selected for publication. You will be informed if that happens. We ask for this information now because we're already working on the book.


8. A caption that describes each photo. This can be two or three sentences and can include a date and location where appropriate. Consider that this is the space where you get to talk about your projects so take advantage of it. Where necessary please include the Photo Credits at the end of the caption as follows: “Photo Credits: Name Surname Year”. Please clearly indicate to which photo each caption relates (e.g. “photo 1: project 2014 on…”)

9. A short Biography, not longer than 300 words. Longer bios will be shortened by the editor. Your biography should be written in the third person

10. Website and email address if you want them to be published.

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