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Image by John Tuesday

as a process of

*designing-centered design*

wishes to be a creative process that brings the attention back to the act of designing, and to creativity as an act of self expression and self discovery

anything we do changes us, so while we design the outer world, we consciously contemplate the changes in our inner world

experiment with us

spirituality is closely associated with relationships, peace, joy, justice, and a unified sense of body and soul. These are all things we design for


contemplation is an integrative and immersive process whose outcomes are unpredictable and uncertain.

a spiritual practice is not pursued through reasoning or discursive analytical thoughts, or knowledge


spirituality is not only part of every human being, but should be pursued by designers specifically, not only because as “creators” of new propositions we have a responsibility to what we create, but also because creativity itself is the very essence of spirituality


pyramid new sustainability.png

economic sustainability

environmental sustainability

social sustainability

SPIRITUAL sustainability


we organize semi-regular meetings where we experience and practice

*designing-centered design*


join us and work independently and collaboratively on your own brief (design brief or personal brief) to consciously observe your creative journey becoming a path to self-actualisation

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